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Arctic Voices is an international group of citizens who provide a voice for the cultures, the wildlife, and the land of the Arctic of Alaska and adjacent Canada. We are dedicated to protecting the Arctic cultures, wildlife, and land from many threats. We accomplish our goals by education and empowerment of citizens, especially in the southeastern United States, by presenting a multi-media slide show and discussion about the Arctic and what each person can do to protect it.

Please help us educate and empower citizens to protect this very special place by making a generous donation to Arctic Voices.

Any donation of $25 or more will entitle the contributor to a one year membership to Arctic Voices.

Any donation of $50 or more entitles the contributor to a copy of the DVD, Being Caribou, an epic adventure of the annual migration of the Porcupine Caribou herd to and from the Refuge.

Send your checks to: Arctic Voices, 346 Fieldstream Drive; Boone, NC 28607

Membership levels to Arctic Voices include:

  • $25        Member (includes newsletter subscription)
  • $50        Contributing Member (includes complementary DVD, "Being Caribou")
  • $100      Supporting Member
  • $250+    Sustaining Member
  • $5          Kid Member (12 or under)
  • $10        Student Member