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Arctic Gardens Ebook - Acknowledgments

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Many people have contributed to the creation of Arctic Gardens, but two stand out: Charles Little and Leigh Ann Henion. Charles is a well-established author of books on environmental topics. He was my partner in the conception of the book and in the writ- ing of its initial prospectus. His intellect and ability as a writer were indispensable ingredients in the first six months in the life of the book. A long weekend at his and his wife Ila’s beautiful home in Placitas, New Mexico, followed a months-long gesta- tion and resulted in the book’s basic concept.

Leigh Ann is an Appalachian State University English profes- sor who planned and discussed the book concept with me for several months, and I greatly appreciate her enthusiasm and insistence on high literary stan- dards.

Landon Pennington is one of us, the authors, as is Dave Har- man. Both have brought tremen- dous energy and ability to our fi- nal product and of course, there is no adequate way for me to thank them for their indispens- able role in bringing my dream to fruition. The final product is without doubt a collaborative effort; without Landon or Dave, it could not have become re- ality. Judy Geary, publisher, author and Appalachian State University professor, and Gabe Ayers, web-master and my second cousin, have also played indispensable roles in helping the three authors to bring the paper book and e-book to fruition, respectively.

While funding for the book was perhaps predictably difficult, we have had the gener- ous funding support of several individuals. Dave Harman, Hanes Boren, Leigh and Pam Dunston, John Cooper, my daughter and her husband, Pam and Mike Reid, and I have all made significant contributions to the book’s cost. The cost of travel to the far-flung villages, none of which we reached by ground travel, was the greatest expense, followed by hono- raria paid to the large majority of people who opened their hearts and their lives to us in their interviews. Of course donor Dave Harman has taken on the role of co-author as well, and Leigh Dunston has graciously acted as advisor and logistical supporter over the book’s three-year creation.

I want to thank the advisory committee for the book: Thomas Berger, Lenny Kohm, John Bodley, Darius Elias, Luci Beach and Erica Heuer have all freely given the consider- able benefit of their thoughts in all phases of the book’s production. Of these, Thomas, Lenny, John, and Darius have played additional important roles.

Thomas Berger’s involvement from when I first met him on a visit to Vancouver in 2007 to his creation of an outstanding, contextualizing Foreword for the book has given the authors the critically needed encouragement at the most important time. To have the moral and creative support of the most accomplished figure in modern time in bringing justice to the Native people of the Arctic of North America has been inestimable.

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